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Fabric Storage


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Many of us store our fabric in plastic storage containers. Cotton fabric likes to breathe.


Quilt Storage


A tip for rolling your quilts: Swimming pool noodles are ideal. First wrap the noodle with batting. Cut enough batting so that you can roll it twice around the noodle. (Do not use fusible batting – use 80/20) Then cover the batting with muslin making sure that the muslin is longer than the noodle. Tie the muslin with strips from the left over muslin. Cut two lengths of 22", join them together and then cut it approximately 70" long. (It is easier for two people to roll this together) When you are ready to roll your quilt make sure the top is rolled to the inside and that your label – if it is along one edge – is on top when you are done! That way you will know which quilt is on the roll. If you have acid free tissue paper you could use that to roll around your quilt. You could also use fabric from your stash that you have no intention of using.


Have you kept a quilt top somewhere that it now has an odour? Try putting it in an airtight bag with a bar of Safeguard soap ... don't unwrap the soap ... and leave for a couple of days. When you take the quilt out, the odour (be it smoke or that strange smell from the basement) will be gone.  Don't leave it too long or it will smell like the soap (now that isn't necessarily a bad thing). Don't know why Safeguard is the soap recommended but keep this soap available just in case.