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Sitting at your machine


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It is not a good idea to sit at your sewing machine for long stretches of time. To keep you moving, set up your ironing board some distance away. That means every time you need to press/iron something, you will need to get up. You will be stretching your legs, and giving your back and eyes a much needed break.


When sitting at your machine to either sew or quilt, your body should be directly in line with the needle. Left-handed people tend to lean towards the left and right-handed people tend to lean towards the right. The ideal position, to give you the least amount of strain, should be directly in line with the needle.


Place a piece of wood about 5/8" to ¾" thick under the back of your sewing machine so that your sewing machine is now tilted towards you. Sewing with the machine tilted makes it easier to see what you are doing and keeps your shoulders more relaxed. Rubber doorstoppers do the same thing.