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Elizabeth Green: "Kelmscott Manor"













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If you begin a project with a ruler continue to use that ruler throughout the entire project. Any ruler could be just slightly off so if you start and end with the same ruler your project will be consistent throughout. Remember, if you are doing large blocks for a quilt to begin with a large ruler.

Have you seen Invisi-Grip in the quilt shops? If you apply it to the back of your rulers it makes them skid resistant, just like the new rulers on the market. It certainly is cheaper than buying all new rulers and its better than the little grips we used to use.



Cutting Mat


In order to clean and condition your green Olfa rotary mat, you can actually give it a bath! Put your mat in the bathtub and use ¼ cup white vinegar to a gallon of tepid (not hot) water and a couple of drops (squirt! squirt!) of a mild dishwashing soap. Using a mushroom brush (or other mild bristle brush), create some lather and gently clean and condition your mat. Rinse the mat and let air dry or dry with a Turkish towel. The mats love moisture. It helps keep them supple. Be sure to store them flat and out of the direct sunlight.