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Elizabeth Green: "Kelmscott Manor"












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If your thimble is a little too large for your finger, remove the thimble, lick your finger and put the thimble back on ... your thimble should not fly off your finger again.


Before you buy a new quilting hoop, lay the quilting hoop on your arm between the inside of your elbow and your hand. Grasp it with your fingers. If it extends beyond your elbow that hoop is too large for you and you will probably feel uncomfortable using it. Buy a hoop that fits, even if you have to move it often.


Sew Slip:  a multi purpose sheet of 21st century materials that makes your free-motion stitching easy. You lay it on the bed of your sewing machine, make sure it is right side up, positioning the hole in the sheet over the bobbin opening. Check it out at www.sewslip.com


Hugo's Amazing Tape:  End the frustration of unravelling embroidery thread or regular thread for that matter. This "tape" can be cut to the desired length and wrapped around the spool. It sticks to itself! Check it out at: www.amazingtape.com