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Labels for quilts:
Quilt labels should have the following information on them:
Pattern: e.g. Wildflowers
Designer: e.g. Lydia Quigley
Quilter's Name: e.g. Your name
Address: e.g. Your city and province
Start Date: e.g. Started April 2006
Completed: e.g. September 2007


Also mention if someone else hand or machined quilted it.


Put on your label if it is in memory of someone or if it is given to someone. If something inspired you to make the quilt, put that on too. It doesn't matter how big the label is - the information on it is valuable to both the maker, the recipient and to the history of quilting.


When sewing on a label, sew it into two sides of the quilt. Pick a bottom corner and sew down the side and then across the bottom. Machine-baste it in place before sewing on the binding.


Put your name somewhere in a "hidden" spot on each quilt. If someone steals your quilt, they could cut off the label identifying the quilt maker, BUT if you have your name somewhere people don't know about, then you have an advantage over the person who took your quilt.


Have you tried to make labels for your quilts with your printer? Have you had problems with freezer paper jamming? Try this…buy Avery labels … 8 ½" x 11" white full sheet labels. Product number "05265" and there are 25 full sheets to a package. (It does say laser on the package, but your are printing on the fabric NOT the label sheet.) Cut your fabric in strips of 12", remove the paper backing from the label and adhere the label to the back of your fabric removing all air bubbles. Trim the fabric to the size of the label and you are ready to go. It can be used more than once. Follow directions on bottle for use. Use photo transfer fabric as it has a higher thread count.