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Use an Iron to Set a Seam:
Before you press a seam allowance to one side, place the sewn unit on an ironing board -- unfolded, just the way it looked after being fed through the sewing machine. Place a hot (not scalding!) iron on the unit. Don't move the iron back and forth, simply allow its weight and heat to do the work. This step sets the seam, flattening puckers that might have occurred when patches were sewn together.


If you chain piece, you'll already have multiple units on your ironing board, all waiting to have their seam allowances pressed to one side. The extra 'setting' step adds just a few seconds for each unit, and will improve the accuracy of the units once they are pressed open.



Cleaning your Iron


Take Mr Clean Magic Eraser (heavy duty one), dampen it, place it on top of a folded towel, then rub your hot (as well as a cold iron) on top of the eraser and it cleans the iron beautifully.


It really does work, so try it next time you need to clean your iron...