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The Fussy Cut Sampler by Nichole Ramirez


We will work our way through this book for our 2018/2019 Guild year.


















Block of the Month


Fussy Cutting

This year we'll be working on our Fussy Cutting skills.  We'll learn how to fussy cut motifs of different shapes from different types of fabrics as well as learning how to incorporate fussy cutting into traditional quit blocks.  The blocks are from the book The Fussy Cut Sampler by Nichole Ramirez and Elisabeth Woo.  Members can sign the book out of our library or you can purchase it to see many other fussy cutting options.

Fussy Cutting Basics

Patterns (click the month for the pattern)


Melissa’s Tip: You don’t need to use a striped fabric – anything that points in a direction will do.


Melissa's Tip:  If you're trying to match the fabric direction when making "two at a time" HST's, you can fold a corner of the top fabric over to get a sneak peek.


Melissa's Tip:  I cut some of my rectangles off grain to get the motifs I wanted - just sew carefully!


Melissa's Tip: This is a great block to show off that large scale fabric.  I only used two fabrics in my block, but you can use however many you want.


Melissa's Tip: I had a lot of fun trying (sometimes successfully) to match my motif lines across the seams.  Cutting templates without seam allowances allows you to but them up to each other to try to get that match.


Melissa's Tip: Have fun finding motifs for the squares.  There's also some great opportunities in the diamonds for fussy cutting and fabric matching!


Melissa's Tip:  Pay attention to your fabric placement.  It's really easy to sew a piece in upside down (trust me).


Melissa's Tip: It's time to pull out those fabrics you've collected that are all about you!  I took out a few seams to make space for bigger motifs.